Management in Polymer Technologies (MPT) - MSc.

The Master’s degree program ‘Management in Polymer
Technologies (MPT)’ combines key subject areas in polymer
engineering and business administration. The curriculum
is globally unique, expanding on undergraduate
studies in Polymer Engineering at the JKU. Applicants
who hold an undergraduate degree in Technical Chemistry,
Biological Chemistry, Technical Physics, or Mechatronics
need to complete mandatory bridging subjects
during the MPT program. Graduates of other undergraduate
degree programs admitted to the program may be
required to complete additional coursework of up to 40
ECTS credits during the program. The program is flexible,
allowing students to specialize in polymer technologies
and business administration, including Sustainable Development.
Graduates can pursue professions ranging
from project management to marketing and to executive
management positions.

If you choose this path after your Bachelors degree, you receive management training along with your technical education. You can choose your focal points according to your personal preferences. The Master study course is offered in English, to prepare you as well as possible for an international career.

Field of study
Management in Polymer Technologies (MPT) - MSc.
Degree: DI / MSc.
Program Duration: 4 semesters (120ECTS)


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