JKU Polymer Program.

Polymeric materials include a wide variety of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, composites and hybrid materials. Steady growth and innovation has contributed to the advancement of polymer technologies and polymer products are now an indispensable part of the economy and our everyday lives. In regards to future prospects, polymers can help us manage some of human civilization’s greatest challenges as we try to supply a growing world population with energy, water, and other goods and services while adhering to principles of a ‘circular and sustainable economy’.

The JKU is one of only a handful of universities in the world to offer comprehensive academic degree programs in polymer technologies and science. Under the expertise and guidance of experienced faculty members, our challenging and flexible academic environment allows students to specialize in their areas of interest.

  • Globally unique polymer programs
  • Earning a science-based undergraduate, graduate, or PhD degree
  • Flexible curricula; specialize according to personal interests
  • Excellent academic learning environment, supporting international student mobility
  • Modern infrastructure and lab facilities; collaboration with industry
  • Outstanding career prospects in Austria, Europe and abroad
The JKU offers a broad range of flexible degree programs designed to provide subject-specific education and hands-on training:
  • BSc ‘Kunststofftechnik’ (Polymer Engineering; 6 semesters; in German)
  • DI/MSc Polymer Chemistry (4 semesters; in English)
  • DI/MSc Polymer Technologies and Science (4 semesters; in English)
  • DI/MSc Management in Polymer Technologies (4 semesters; in English)
  • PhD (field specific polymer doctoral programs; 6 semesters; in English or German)
  • 13 institutes/chairs with currently 17 full and associate professors with teaching and research activities in polymers.